Live Stream Broadcasts

Live Streaming of Matches

Michigan Elite and Schoolcraft College are pleased to offer a live stream service of all volleyball matches in the Trinity Health Sports Center.

Clink on the link related to the event you are interested in viewing and you will be taken to the BoxCast site to purchase or view your event!  Scroll down to see an example of what the live stream broadcast looks like in each part of the facility.

Michigan Elite 2024 Event

This livestream will be broadcasting the courts being used for our 2024 events.  Your ticket will be good for watching matches on all courts for each event purchased.

When watching the livestream, there may be two separate streams for each court  for various parts of the day on longer days, but they are all available to view through the purchase of your one ticket.

Trinity Health Sports center

BoxCast Stream View


Schoolcraft Gym

BoxCast Stream View