Depending upon the team for which a player participates, the attendance policy can vary. 

For all teams however, the following is observed: 

  • Attendance at practices and tournaments is mandatory and expected. 
  • Keep in mind that absences can affect a player's preparation for a tournament and playing time can be affected. The coach does not want to punish the team by playing an unprepared player.

We understand situations may arise, so if a player Misses or is Late to Practice:

  • Once a player accumulates 4 missed practices she will sit the corresponding number of sets at all following tournaments until practices are made up
    • ​Plan accordingly and time manage! Your team needs you at practice!
  • Missed practices are expected to be made up with another team - communicated clearly to both coaches
  • 2 tardies = 1 absence
  • You MUST tell your coach if you are going to miss or be late as soon as you are made aware of the situation

Player Missed Tournament/Work Assignment:

  • If a tourney is to be missed the coach must know 3 weeks prior to the play date.
  • For anything missed, will sit the next match played
  • Arriving late to any tournament = sitting 1 set 

*Players can and will be moved team to team depending on performance and the strength/need of the club. Players that consistently miss practices, don't give the maximum dedication to their team, etc., will be moved to teams that better suit their dedication levels. National teams especially will need players that are dedicated and ready to do what it takes for their teammates. 

It is expected that coaches and players alike arrive and are prepared prior to the start of events. This means at least:

  • 15 minutes prior to the start of practice
  • 30 minutes prior to the start of a tournament if reffing first
  • 45 minutes prior if playing first

THIS is considered “on time.” 

All practices will start on time regardless of missing players. Players will be completely ready (sweats off, tape or braces on, shoes on, AND Michigan Elite Warm-Up completed) at the scheduled starting time. Players who are chronically late without sufficient reason will be treated as absent.

  • Players are expected to practice in MiElite Practice T-Shirts and/or MiElite shirts (camp, tryout, etc). No exceptions. 
  • Players will wear shorts or sweats to cover up spandex when outside of the gym.
    • The entire team will run if anyone is in violation 
  • It is expected and MANDATORY that coaches and players are outfitted in Mizuno gear (players = jersey, spandex, socks, kneepads) at tournaments. No exceptions. 

Your daughter's image may be captured during the course of training in our facility (camps, lessons, practice, tournaments, etc.). Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy reserves the right to use these images in our professional marketing material. 

  • All teams, athletes, coaches and parents are to leave the gym neat and clean - cleaner than when you arrived. This applies to practices and tournaments - home and away.
    • i.e. garbage is thrown away, chairs are put away and nets are down when required.  
    • Cleaning up your bench at tournaments immediately on completion of each match.
  • At BWSC, all Michigan Elite athletes will place their gym bags neatly on the appropriate racks located throughout the gym area - NOT THE FLOOR.  This is required to reduce clutter on the gym floor and reduce the risk of injury from stepping on gym bags.

At Michigan Elite we pride ourselves in great sportsmanship, class, and officiating. Although we train to compete and win and emotions may be high, we always win and lose with dignity and class; and officiate the way we would like to be officiated. 

  • Everyone must know how to officiate every aspect of the game (R2/Down Officiate, Score Keeping, Libero Tracking, Line Judge) – players are expected to rotate responsibilities and contribute equally
  • At many tournaments, teams must stay and officiate if they lose their final match of the day. When this happens, no player on the team may leave until ALL duties are completed - win, lose, and leave as a team
  • “Score and ref the way you would want your game officiated.”
    • Players are all paying attention and respectful to officials and teams, no cell phones, assist with shagging, etc.)
  • An admin parent or coach must be at the scorer’s table when Michgan Elite is responsible for officiating a match
  • We win and lose by showing respect to the opponent, officials, and game. Incorporate THREAD (Trust - Honesty - Respect - Ethics - Accountability - Discipline) principles at all times. 
  • In an effort to avoid distractions and enhance team building, a team admin parent or coach will collect player’s cell phones during tournaments.
  • It is also expected that coaches will not use cell phones during match or officiating responsibilities. They may only be used during practice if used as a clock or stopwatch. 

Michigan Elite is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe workplace and a healthy, efficient work force free from the effects of drugs and alcohol by anyone while on the property (including parking areas) of BWSC or while on business for Michigan Elite.  Use or possession of any drug or alcohol at BWSC is strictly prohibited and will result in discipline, up to and including immediate discharge.  Illegal substances will be confiscated and appropriate law enforcement agencies may be notified.  Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at anytime while on BWSC/Michigan Elite's property or business is also strictly prohibited.

All employees of BWSM and Michigan Elite are subject to annual drug testing as a term of their employment.  Independent contractors are not subject to annual testing but are subject to random testing and testing for cause (see below). BWSM reserves the right to require an E/IC to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing under medically-approved guidelines and by appropriately licensed medical personnel whenever an E/IC’s behavior raises a reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol use. Refusal by an E/IC to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test requested by management will result in discipline, up to and including immediate discharge. 

Public drunkenness will not be tolerated.  This includes E/ICs, office staff, parents of players and players.  Discipline for E/ICs may include suspension, forfeiture of pay, or even discharge.  Discipline for parents will include suspension from attendance at BWSC for one month for a first offense.  A second offense may include permanent suspension from BWSC events or removal of the player from their team.  Discipline for players will include immediate removal from their team.  The player may be later reinstated to their team, but only after attending appropriate alcohol abuse counseling.

  • When not playing or reffing, teams are expected to cheer on other Michigan Elite teams at tournaments - we are a family!
  • Teams are expected to 'hang out' together when they have time off - players should not be isolated with family members
  • Teammates should use the buddy system when walking around during tournaments and events
  • Team always leaves together (no leaving early after reffing assignments, etc.) after coach dismisses 

Playing time is not guaranteed. Playing time is a privilege and not a right. However, it is usually in the best interest of the team for everyone to receive an earned amount of playing time. In other words, work hard with a good attitude and you will play.

The coach is considered the VOLLEYBALL EXPERT when it comes to all playing time issues. It is not appropriate to question the coach on his or her decisions concerning playing time. They are doing what is best for the team and the club and will be treated as doing such.

We encourage parent participation in most aspects of our club, and we have great respect for the efforts of all the player guardians. However, the following policy is to protect everyone from himself or herself (both parents and coaches).

Tournaments and game days are very stressful and emotional time for everyone. It is very easy to over-react to any situation. However, the harshest penalties will be reserved for anyone who violates this policy. Please realize that the athlete will be held responsible for their parent's actions. This means that if a parent breaks any club rule, their child can and will be "sat" from play. 

Over the course of a season, disagreements occur between players, parents, and staff. Please observe the following guidelines in resolving these issues:

  • Observe the 24- hour rule:  Issues such as playing time, player position, line-up, etc. should not be addressed with the coach on the day of play.  Instead, the parent is expected to wait 24-hours from any perceived incident prior to speaking to the coach about that issue.  We have instructed our coaches to exercise the 24-hour rule in situations in which the parent forgets this policy.
    • Violations of this guideline will be dealt with most severely because this can result in the most emotional of confrontations. If you are not sure whether an issue requires immediate attention, ask a staff member not directly involved.
    • We instruct our coaches not to discuss "coaching decisions" with team parents, topics include but are not limited to: specific match decisions (who played when, who was subbed out and when, etc.) the amount of time any given athlete is on the court.
  • We will not ask our coaches to defend his or her thought process or conclusions in making these determinations, and it is improper for a parent to request that. 
  • Do not jump the chain of command to the director unless the coach and site coordinator have been asked (realize that the directors will be dealing with the entire club, so give them time to address the issue).
    • Chain of Command: *player is expected to talk to the coach first --> if not resolved according to your satisfaction, parent may schedule a time to talk to team coach before or after practice --> if the issue has still not been resolved to your satisfaction, then discuss with the age group coordinator. --> If at that time the issue still has not been resolved to your satisfaction, then discuss with the club director. ​
  • The club will not tolerate hostile, aggressive confrontation between a parent and any official, coach, athlete or parent; likewise, the club will not tolerate hostile, aggressive confrontation between an athlete and any official, coach, athlete or parent regardless of whether the coach, athlete, or other parent is a member of Michigan Elite or not. Violation of this policy may result in the athlete being dismissed from the club. 
  • It is not appropriate for an athlete or parent to complain to any other Michigan Elite members. Asking un-involved persons to take sides in an issue is unfair to those third parties and the club. Competitive team athletics, by its very nature, creates situations where everyone may not be happy all the time. Any member, who is asked to listen to express an opinion about matters between two other parties in the club, is strongly encouraged to suggest the complaining party take up the matter with the head coach then the Site Coordinator(s) and refuse to listen to the matter further.
  • Violation of not adhering to the 24-hour policy or jumping the Chain of Command can result in anywhere between loss of playing time to dismissal from the club.

When teams play the next day, every player has the following curfew times: 

  • Curfew at 10 pm. The 10 pm curfew is always in effect for the consideration of other hotel guests.  This means that the players are in their rooms and quiet.
  • For morning games: Lights out no later than 11pm.
  • For afternoon games: Lights-out no later than midnight. 

Michigan Elite volleyballs WILL NOT be removed from club facilities for the purpose of taking the volleyballs to away tournaments to be used as warm-up balls.  Each player should have purchased their own volleyball and each player is expected to take their personal volleyball to away tournaments to serve as warm-up volleyballs.

Coaches WILL NOT remove volleyball carts from the club facilities.

A player/family must pay a deposit ($300 for a local team, $500 for all other teams) to reserve a roster spot on a team at Michigan Elite. Once a player/family has paid their deposit and reserved their roster spot on a team, the player/family has agreed to and is responsible to pay their full season tuition. The deposit and all additional tuition payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If any payments are late or in default, the player will not be allowed to attend any practices or tournaments until payments are up to date.  The player/family will be held liable for any costs associated with the collection of unpaid fees.

If a player is unable to participate during the season due to injury, illness, violation of Michigan Elite policies or relocation, the player/family is still responsible to pay their full season tuition.  The deposit and additional tuition are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

If a player decides to end her participation with Michigan Elite at any point in the season, the player/family is still responsible to pay their full season tuition. The deposit and additional tuition are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Any decision to offer a credit towards Michigan Elite training opportunities to players who suffer a season ending injury or medical condition is at the sole discretion of Michigan Elite.

All players will sign and agree to follow the Michigan Elite Commandments.

Player Commandments - VIEW HERE*

Far more than winning and losing are the lessons learned in the process of tournament play. We ask that your role from the sidelines and stands match that which we are developing through our program. Thanks for being part of Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy.

  • Keep POSITIVE support, encouragement, cheering and general hollering and yelling to a MAXIMUM on the sidelines. When players are working hard, they need and deserve everyone's best POSITIVE encouragement and support. They need to know you are there and that you support them.
  • DO NOT openly or publicly criticize players, coaches or referees.
  • Public criticism of players on your team hurts morale. This rule applies to situations involving your own daughter as well. 
Coaches may need to be critical in order to teach or to get the most from players, let the coach provide the appropriate criticism when considered necessary. 
  • Criticizing the referee only hurts your team and the class organization that you are a part of. Please represent MEVBA well by keeping rude, loud and unwelcome comments to yourself. 
  • Leave the coaching to the staff. This is a game for the players. Coaches are on the bench to guide the players through the stress of the game. The players need only receive feedback from one person, the coach. 
  • Parental assistance at practices should only include simple activities such as shagging volleyballs and only if the coach approves of the parent lending assistance.
  • It is NOT APPROPRIATE for a parent to provide volleyball instruction to any player, including their own child, during practice or match play.
  • Set an example. Do not break any club or tournament rules, by smoking in undesignated areas, leaving a mess or drinking where it is not permitted.
  • Remember that this is a GAME. Therefore, it is supposed to be FUN. Please remember that your attitude in the spectator area can affect the mood and success of the team. Any spectator who persists in inappropriate behaviors may be asked to leave the gym. Emotions run high in competition and feelings can be easily hurt. Be tolerant. 

The Club has a number of options available to deal with violations of club policy. The directors are the primary arbitrator of club policy. Head Coaches have the authority to exercise these options only when the directors are not reasonably available.

Methods of enforcement (in order of severity):

  • Game Suspension: This should be the next game(s) that the player attends.
  • Increased refereeing duties: A player may be required to officiate in all the team's assignments for the next tournament.
  • Match Suspension: This should be the next match (es) that the player attends
  • Public Apology: The audience may depend upon whom the player has let down. If the player has let down the club, their teammates, their guardians or whomever.
  • Team Demotion: For example- A 16- player continually misses practices because of outside commitments. This would show that the player is not committed to the level of team for which they currently play. They may be moved down to the lesser commitment on the 16- team.
  • Team Dismissal: A last resort for chronic problems.
  • Club Ban: The player would be banned from any Michigan Elite participation. Usually the result of personal conduct violations.

Many athletes will wonder about being recruited to play college volleyball. For most players and parents, "Will I get recruited?"; "When will I get recruited?"; "Who will recruit me?"; "What should I do when I am recruited?"; "How do I get colleges to recruit me?" are overwhelming questions.

We maintain communication with over one hundred colleges, coaches and recruiting services around the country to expose our players to all feasible options. Please let us know of any changes in your information.

While we can't guarantee that a player will be recruited, we will do everything we can to help you master the process and guide you through it.

Please take the initiative and review the NCAA websites. There is a great section on questions to ask potential college coaches and recruiting in general. Look into registering your daughter through the NCAA clearing house. Juniors and younger, Division 1 coaches cannot contact you over the phone or return your phone calls, but they can respond to your emails. 

Player and Coach

  • The coach is the person in charge.
  • A coach wants spirited players, young people who are willing to sacrifice for the team. A coach does not want temperamental players who second-guess every move, and inwardly gripes about conditions that do not suit them.


  • The player's job is to be attentive, and to understand thoroughly what the coach is trying to accomplish.
  • If you want to become the best, you have to work hard.
  • Every time you walk into the gym, you must take responsibility for motivating yourself. You must always be ready for a concentrated effort at practice. 
  • You are here to be part of the team and you want the team to be as strong as it possibly can.
  • There is always something that you can do to make the team a little more successful. You should, in fact, take pride in not letting your team fail.
  • You may not agree with the way the coach is using his or her personnel and you may think you deserve a larger role on your team. There is only one way to change the coach's mind; show them on the practice floor, with a little more determination and by working even harder. 

Our expert coaching staff decides on player placement on Michigan Elite teams.  Players are not always placed on the team that they or their parents feel they should be on, but our coaches are highly experienced in this area and their decisions must be respected.

Michigan Elite reserves the right to make decisions to move players among teams to do what we think is best for the greatest number of individuals and the club. Philosophically, we don't want to create an environment of moving players from team to team, but people who come from an environment where teams never change also need to understand that the nature of club is that, events change, rosters change and it is different than school teams.

In more extreme circumstances, we reserve the right to move players from one team to another without choice given to the original team or players. Decisions of this nature are not taken lightly, and must go through a process that ensures that the best interest of all parties is considered and protected.